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The Simplest Way to Protect Your Most Important Assets

VIAAS is a complete cloud-based video surveillance solution that captures high quality video images in almost any situation and records to the VIAAS Secure Cloud. The video can be viewed from any web browser or mobile device.

No DVR, NVR, Single Point of Failure or Headaches!

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Monitor Unlimited Sites from the Cloud

Monitor Unlimited Sites from the Cloud

With no limits on cameras, locations or users, VIAAS allows you to deploy surveillance seamlessly at one or many sites at a pace that meets your needs. There are no channel or cloud data storage limits. Multi-site, multi-user surveillance is managed through a single web-based user interface.

  • View video from any web browser or mobile device
  • Media is stored in the cloud, with redundant copies
  • Flexible user administration and authorization
  • Cameras are continually monitored: get notified about events when they happen
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"The hosted service allows me to easily manage and monitor nearly 100 cameras at various schools protecting our students, staff and property."

- James Bond, Manager of Information Services, Pinelands Regional School District

Capture Only What is Important

Cameras running on the VIAAS service record video only when something happens and ignore hours of nothing. For each video segment, motion tracking captures key images. The images show you what the video segment is about without even watching the video. We call the combination an IntelEvent™, which is one of many unique VIAAS advantages.

IntelEvent™ makes VIAAS fast and easy to use even over low bandwidth connections. You find what you are looking for by scanning the images. When you have narrowed your selection, you view the video with a single click.

Motion-Sensitive IP Cameras
Capture high quality pictures day or night

Cameras Which Fit Your Needs

There are dozens of camera models that can run on the VIAAS service, from high end PTZ cameras to affordable fixed focus options. You can mix and match according to your needs and budget, within the same account, and even replace models without losing access to recorded video, permissions and other useful data.

Easy to Use and Affordable

VIAAS is not only affordable to purchase, it is affordable to own. Network bandwidth can be a significant, hidden cost to owning video surveillance systems. VIAAS utilizes patented Bandwidth Shaping™ to run on remarkably little bandwidth. Cameras running on the VIAAS service are easy on your network when you need it. They initially store recorded events in the camera and then move those events to the Cloud service at a rate and schedule that you set based on your network needs.

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