An active service plan is required for each camera. Service plans must usually be renewed annually.
VIAAS service requires a broadband Internet connection with a recommended minimum of 1.5Mbps upstream bandwidth, and a compatible camera.

Customers are welcome to try the 14-day free trial, which is applied automatically to every camera added to the VIAAS service. No pre-payment and no cancellation required! Just follow the installation instructions and you can get your cameras online in minutes. If you are unsatisfied with the service, or not ready to purchase a plan, simply factory reset the camera and let the trial period expire.

To learn more about purchasing options, call +1 888 606 7461 or email

Available Service Plans

  Live View Local+ Deluxe Premium Professional
Max video resolution 720p 5MP1 720p 1080p1 4K1
Video storage (days) None Up to 30 on SD Card2 7 Cloud + Up to 30 on SD Card2 30 Cloud (60 and 90 available) 30 Cloud (60, 90 and custom available)
Max number of cameras Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max number of locations Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of user logins Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mobile device access
Surveillance operations screen
Multi-location management platform
Motion detection
Motion and activity alerts
Motion timeline view
Audio recording3
Role-based access
Saved event storage4 None Download Only Download Only 2GB Cloud + Download 2GB Cloud + Download
Yearly MSRP per camera $39 $99 $139 $239 $299

Additional features supported by Wisenet cameras:

  • More analytics, including line crossing, enter/exit, appear/disappear and tamper detection.
  • Alarm input and output.
  • Scheduled recording.
  • More configurable security options.

1 Legacy cameras maximum resolution limited to 720p (Local+, Premium) or 1080p (Professional).
2 Video storage on camera SD card limited to the lesser of 30 days or size of SD card.
3 Requires an audio capable camera and may require a user supplied external microphone.
4 Long-term Cloud storage is per camera service plan, aggregated among all cameras in the account.