Hanwha Vision Wisenet Cameras

New camera line

A vast array of models

VIAAS has developed our award winning Cloud video surveillance platform to work on Hanwha Vision's Wisenet Q, X and P series cameras up to 4K. This opens the door for VIAAS existing and future customers to choose from hundreds of Hanwha Vision's Wisenet cameras to better meet their specific objectives. Customers may purchase the cameras through their normal sources and load VIAAS firmware and Cloud services on the cameras.

More control

In order to support as many models and features as possible, we've taken a different approach than with previous models. The user maintains full control of all camera configuration, including advanced analytics, camera setup and integration points. To use our unparalleled cloud management tools, each camera needs only VIAAS firmware installed and running, and a VIAAS service plan. Service plans may be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase if not satisfied.

More features

Supported features for some models in the Hanwha Vision's Wisenet range include:

  • Higher resolution video (support up to 4K).
  • More analytics, including line crossing, enter/exit, appear/disappear and tamper detection.
  • Alarm input and output.
  • Scheduled recording.
  • More configurable security options.

For existing customers...

Different installation and configuration

Installation and configuration of the Hanwha Vision Wisenet cameras with the VIAAS Cloud management system differs than with VIAAS camera models. Because of this, installers and admins should familiarize themselves with the new cameras and possibly update their installation plans if camera configuration / network access is complex or limited.

Mix and match models

The VIAAS service supports existing camera models alongside Hanwha Vision Wisenet cameras in the same account. Browsing recorded video, launching live streams, storing Saved Events and other operations are identical, regardless of the model.